Uv-C领导的市场最新进展,趋势和巨大的商机2021年至2027年| ConvergEver,Crystal IS,Rayvio,HPL,SETi,Seoul Viosys,NIKKISO,青岛Jason,DOWA,HexaTech,LG Innotek

The Uv-C Led market report provides a detailed analysis of market growth factors, and provides market size, latest trends, SWOT analysis by region, and forecast market research data up to 2027. The Uv-C Led market report has been studied. Key opportunities in the market and useful influencing factors for the enterprise. The report also maps the qualitative and quantitative effects of various market factors, such as macroeconomic indicators, purchasing power parity, epidemiological data, insurance status and patent and intellectual property information, government policies and business regulations, and market attraction by market segment force.

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Outstanding players in the global Uv-C Led market are – ConvergEver, Crystal IS, Rayvio, HPL, SETi, Seoul Viosys, NIKKISO, Qingdao Jason, DOWA, HexaTech, LG Innotek

market Overview:

The global market for UV-C light-emitting diodes (LEDs) may surge from US$142 million in 2019 and US$247 million in 2020 to US$2.1 billion in 2025, with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 53.34%. Driving this dizzying projected growth is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has increased the demand for the use of this equipment to disinfect not only surfaces but also air and water. As part of the solution to the COVID-19 crisis, various scientists and research groups have proposed broad prospects for UV-C light (occupying the 200 to 280 nm wavelength band) with bactericidal effects. These range from the idea of ​​installing UV-C lights in office air ducts to wipe off the coronavirus to low-cost systems designed to disinfect reusable personal protective equipment such as N95 masks. (One such project, it is being designed at low cost,

Many of these solutions do not rely on UV-C LEDs, but rely on conventional UV-C lamps. Based on the price per watt, LEDs in this spectral band are far more expensive than ordinary UV-C tubes. However, some comparisons have improved rapidly, and the price of UV-C LEDs has dropped from approximately US$100/mW in 2015 to between US$0.30/mW and US$2.00/mW in 2019. And further reduce the price to make it compete with traditional lamps. In the past decade, many companies in the Republic of Korea have been promoting the development of UV-C LED competitive advantages. One of them, LG Innotek, withdrew from the market before the pandemic began, was frustrated, and continued to suffer losses in its business.






氮化铝(AlN)基板UV-A LED
蓝宝石基板UV-A LED



Uv-C领导的市场研究报告通过策略分析,微观和宏观市场趋势与情景,定价分析以及对预测期内市场状况的整体概览,对领先竞争对手进行了密切监视。这是一份专业且详尽的报告,重点介绍了主要和次要驱动因素,市场份额,主要细分市场以及地域分析。此外,报告还回顾了主要参与者,主要合作,并购以及趋势创新和业务政策。该报告包含有关Uv-C LED市场全球现状和趋势,市场规模,份额,增长,趋势分析,2021-2027年的预测的基本,次要和高级信息。  

有几章深入展示了全球Uv-C Led市场:


第2章,分析2017年和2018年Uv-C Led的顶级制造商的销售,收入和价格;


第4章,按区域显示全球市场,2014年至2019年每个区域的Uv-C Led的销售,收入和市场份额;




Chapters 13, 14 and 15 introduce the sales channels, distributors, traders, dealers, research results and conclusions, appendices and data sources led by Uv-C

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Investment reasons:

  • The report provides precise analysis of changing competitive dynamics
  • It provides changing trends, driving factors and market constraints
  • It provides a six-year forecast based on the method of forecasting market growth
  • It helps to understand key product segments and their future
  • It provides precise analysis of constantly changing competitive dynamics and keeps you ahead of the competition
  • Through a comprehensive understanding of the market and in-depth analysis of market segments, it helps to make a wide range of business decisions

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